1844 Doctrine and Covenants

1844 Doctrine and Covenants

D-C1844CoverHBOriginally published in 1835 as Doctrine and Covenants of the Church of the Latter Day Saints: Carefully Selected from the Revelations of God containing two parts: a sequence of lectures setting forth basic church doctrine, followed by a compilation of important revelations, or "covenants" of the church:
thus the name "Doctrine and Covenants".

Stereotyped beginning in 1841, Joseph “red proof” on the new edition in February of 1843, making this the last edition Joseph was personally involved with.

It was printed in Nauvoo, IL in 1844, the 1845 and 1846 editions duplicate its contents (with the exception of the title page).

This edition contained both the Lectures on Faith and
the Covenants and Commandments, originating the title, Doctrine and Covenants.

This Nauvoo Press reprint edition contains two supplements located at the end of the book.  The first contains a cross-reference to the substitute names that were used in this and the 1835 edition, the second cross-references this edition to the earlier Book of Commandments (1833) and Doctrine and Covenants (1835) as well as the 1981 and 2004 editions.

6” x 9”
460 Pages
Hardcover: $34.95

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