1841 Book of Mormon

The 1841 Book of Mormon (The Liverpool Edition)

1841BOM_thumbnail4,050 copies (5,000  contracted); published for  Brigham Young, Heber C.  Kimball, and Parley P.  Pratt (by J. Tompkins,  Liverpool, England). 

This first European edition  was printed with the  permission of Joseph Smith;  it is essentially a reprinting  of the 1837 edition with  British spellings.

In February 1841, the first  copies of the 1841 edition of  the Book of Mormon were  completed and the copyright  was secured on February  8, 1841. 

Though Tompkins was paid  to print 5,000 copies of the  book, only 4,050 were  produced.

645 Pages
6” x 9”

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