1830 Book of Mormon (with Index)

1830BOM_thumbnailThe “Palmyra Edition.”

5,000 copies of this edition were originally printed.
It was published by E. B. Grandin in Palmyra, New York. The first edition is largely a faithful copy of the printer’s manuscript (although on one occasion the original manuscript rather than the printer’s was used for typesetting).


This edition reproduces what the compositor, John H. Gilbert, considered grammatical “errors.” Gilbert added punctuation and determined the paragraphing for the first edition.

In the Preface, Joseph Smith explains the loss of the Book of Lehi-116 pages of manuscript. The testimonies of the Three and the Eight Witnesses were placed at the end of the book.
In this and all other early editions, there is no versification.

This edition now includes the four page index, included in only a limited number of original 1830 copies.  It is, page-for-page, some of the most collectible (and expensive) material in the LDS market.

589 Pages
6” x 9”

Hardcover: $41.95