Brief History of the Leading Causes of the Hancock Mob

LeadingCausesJosiah B. Conyers
“Proposing, as we do, to give a succinct history of the rise and progress of the late Mob’ in Hancock County, Illinois, we shall, of necessity, be obliged to make references to persons, as well as to places and things, which, under ordinary circumstances, might be properly omitted. But, on a subject of the magnitude of the one that we are about to take up, that involves a question of human life, as well as the constitution and laws of our beloved country, it becomes, then, one of too much responsibility to touch lightly, or to suppress, to whom praise or blame belongs. If humanity and the laws have been observed,] then, indeed, we shall not be censured for noting persons, as well as places and things; as then, only, we shall be reiterating and making known, at home and abroad, that just mead of praise that should be given to him that has acted his full part in the tragedy. But on the contrary, if humanity and the laws have been wantonly and violently assailed, it would, then: be not only cowardly in us not to censure, but to become guilty, as a faithful chronicler, of the events …”

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