Most Glorious of All Anniversary Edition

MostGloriousAnniv_thumbnailRichard E. Bennett says of this book: “Wright has ‘… given this a great deal of thought, close attention, and fine writing… The book fills a need as I know of no other that tackles the topic.’”

This special edition of Most Glorious of All commemorates the 175th anniversary of the restoration of baptism for the dead in Nauvoo, on August 15, 1840.

This extensive work covers the principle of baptism, early interpretations of the practice, as well as the theology and history of baptism for the dead.

Also discussed is the effect baptism for the dead had on the early saints who practiced it, as well as “rebaptism” and “baptism for healing.”

The section; “For the Youth of the Church,” is a great primer for those going to the Temple to participate in baptisms for the dead for the first time.

It is thoroughly documented, and includes many images seen here for the first time.

This large format, hardback edition features full-color illustrations, full page images of the St. George Temple record pages of the Founding Father baptisms, as well as Native American Tribal Chiefs.  It also includes full-size images of Joseph Smith’s editorial in Times and Seasons.

Some of the questions addressed in the book:

What specifically did Elijah restore?
What is the “welding link” Joseph spoke of?
When was it actually revealed to Joseph?
Who was Seymour Brunson, and why was Joseph preaching at his funeral?
How did Baptism for the Dead help the Saints on their journey west?
And much more…

It is the perfect addition to any library.

162 Pages

Hardcover: $74.95